Friday, December 30, 2011

Before &

I wanted something different for this coming year, so I decided to paint my colored vases white.

I also made these sparkly origami stars for my mantel.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Minivan Express

I found this cute idea via Pinterest & Confessions of a Home-schooler.

I think it's going to become a new family tradition.
Tonight I'm putting these on my kids pillows. When they go to get into bed tonight, they'll find them. We'll have them put on their slippers and robes, then with a cup of hot chocolate & cinnamon toast, we'll head out to look at Christmas lights in the neighborhood.

Easy! Free! Fun! Those are the best kinds of traditions!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DIY Princess Party Crowns

My daughters' birthday is this week. She will be 4. The only thing she wanted for her birthday is purple eyeshadow. Since I don't plan on replacing the carpet anytime soon, I tried to negotiate with her. I tried to talk her into a fun toy instead, but she refused. She saw a lady wearing purple eye shadow while watching YouTube hair tutorial videos (which happens to be her new favorite "show.") and ever since, she has been determined to get her hands on some purple eye shadow. Finally I was able to talk her into inviting her friends over for a party instead of the purple eyeshadow. Since it's a last minute party, and I don't have a big budget for fun party favors. I used paper, burlap, tissue paper, netting, and rhinestones (all of which I had in my supply basket) to make these fun princess crowns for the party guests to take home. My daughter is excited, and most importantly she has forgotten about the purple eye shadow (I hope.)