Friday, April 11, 2008

cute toddler shoes

I went to Target the other day to buy some comfortable walking shoes for my daughter, and they were out of anything that would work in her size. So I headed to the mall (I figured they'd have plenty to choose from.) Same thing, nothing in her size. I would have even settled for some less attractive Sponge bob shoes at this point! No one had her size. Anyhow, she's been wearing 2 sizes too small, so I wanted to get her something soon. When I got home I ordered these cute Kenneth Cole shoes from They were more than I would usually spend on shoes for a toddler, but even with free shipping we got them in the mail yesterday. My daughter and I are both thrilled with them. They look so comfortable as well as fashionable!


emily call said...

They are so cute!

xoxotova said...

I bought these for my daughter too! they are still to big but we HAD to have them! - BTW just found your etsy shop and blog Gonna HAVE to get some decals for my new craft studio!!