Thursday, November 13, 2008

Free Giveaway & a Chance to win!

Everyone gets something! That's right. If you'd like a free sample of my new re-positionable wall art, AND a chance to win a stamp set of your choice, You're in the right spot.
Anyone who blogs about me between now & November 23 will get a free sample of my new wall art. You will also automatically be entered into a drawing to win a Free Stamp set.
Here are the rules:

1) Pick which Wall Art sample you'd like, Re-usable Mistletoe, or Re-usable Mini Snowflakes.

Mistletoe decal is 5" x 6.5" and can be used again next year, if removed with care.

Re-usable Mini Snowflake decals come on a 4.25" x 7.75" Sheet. These are not the window clings, however you may use them on your windows or walls if you'd like. The snow flakes are printed in a white ink on a clear re-usable vinyl. The black outlines show where the decal will be cut.

2) Blog about one of my companies, either Vinyl Wall Art, My Cute Stamps, or both. You may say anything you'd like on your post, but you must link to one of my websites. Your blog must have previous posts to qualify.

3) Email me a link to your blog. (giveaway{at} If you have a private blog, you can email me a screen capture of the post. Please copy & paste the following information into your email to me;

Link to Blog:
Free Vinyl Choice:
Stamp set choice (If you win the grand prize):
Mail my decal to (address):

I will announce the Grand Prize winner for Free Stamps on Nov. 24th. I will mail your free wall art out in a regular envelope to save on shipping costs. (I had about 70 items to mail out last time I did this:) )


Pecos Blue said...

If I win I will donate the snowflakes to the Kaibab Learning Center preschool here at the grand canyon.
I will check out your site!

Jenna said...

These are very nice. I would love to give these to my grandma to decorate her room in the assisted living center. I really like the snowflakes. Thanks for the giveaway!

Creating Cupcakes said...

If you want to participate in the giveaway you must email me with a link to your post & your mailing address.