Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fairy wings t-shirt tutorial

Step 1: Choose some fabric & tulle fabric. You won't even need 1/2 a yard of each for this project.
Step 2: Using this pattern (PDF file download), cut out one wing.
Step 3: pin wing to 2 layers of tulle fabric, then sew a zig-zag stitch around the edge.
Step 4: Cut about 1 inch around the tulle following the shape of the wings. I found it's easier to cut the tulle wings out after its been sewn, then before. I had a hard time keeping it lined up evenly when I tried cutting the tulle fabric out before sewing.
Step 5: Pinch the wings in the center & pin.

Step 6: Align the pinched wings to the center top of a t-shirt or tank top. Hand sew the center of the wings to the shirt, along with a few stitches at the top of each side of the wings to hold them in place.

Step 7: Add a flower, heart, or embellishment to the center of the wings. If you don't like the flower Idea, you can just use a rectangle piece of fabric, as shown in the sample below.

I think it would be fun to make some bumble bee wings on a yellow & black striped shirt, or use some red & black polk-a-dot fabric to make some lady bug wings. Be creative! My kids LOVE their winged shirts. For best results, hand wash.

Step 8: Add a matching embellishment to the front, if you like.
Download PDF pattern file by clicking HERE.


ElegantSnobbery said...

I have two little fairy princesses... I'll be sure to make this. Thanks for sharing!! So cute!


Megan said...

You're so cute! If only I could bottle up even an ounce of your creativity. I could retire off of such a potent solution. :)

Rose said...

Those are so sweet!

The POSHpreneur said...

OMG that is the CUTEST thing EVER!! I will have to make one for my neice!

Princess Academy said...

I adore your creations --you are amazing!

courtney brooke said...

oh holly, you are just too creative! i love those!!