Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Wood" You Be Mine?

Did you know that a lot of the designs at Vinyl Wall Art are available in a wood veneer finish? Do you see a decal there that isn't available in wood, but would like it to be? Let me know, I may be able to make it in a wood finish just for you... or maybe your valentine.


Natalie said...


I love your site! You are so talented. I'm so inspired by you-thanks! an old friend- Natalie

Katrina said...

very cute
I love using the my crictet to cup out letters. I did one in cream tones to "blend" in the wall so you see it but it doesn't stand out. I was afraind people would go " have that there because.......". I like how it's a hidden message.:-)
"to love someone is family to have somewhere to go is home to have both is a blessing". Saw it at a place in downtown mesa.
katrina in AZ
(east mesa)

Miranda said...

I love the valentine's day owl decor.. how cute is that?!