Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rainy Day Party - Come Rain or Shine

My sister's and I threw a Rainy Day birthday party for my mom last night.
We've been planning it since January. We thought our theme & decorations were original, but then last month we saw that someone else had thrown the same party theme, only it was a baby shower. We still had a great time planning this for her.

Party Favors are lemon drops & say; “Thanks for dropping by.”

My sister had a cute idea to call these chocolate covered sunflower seeds “raindrops.”

We made a backdrop for photos.

(Photo above by Shaun Stevenett)

(Photo above by Shaun Stevenett)
My sister made lots of yummy & cute cloud treats.

(Photo above by Shaun Stevenett)

(Photo above by Shaun Stevenett)

(Photo above by Emily Call)

It was a fun party!


stacey yacula studio said...

This is the most beautiful rainy day party ever! Great ideas!

Tracey Lynne said...

Ooh la la! (I think I saw that same post with the raining pom poms)
Your party is great!
Gives me ideas!

Thanks for sharing!

Islander Girl said...

Like I said on Twitter, I think this was an awesome Party Theme! You and your sis did a great job!

May I ask, where you got your invitations printed?

Thanks in advance!

sharon g said...

So cute and imaginative!!! What great daughters you are to go to such effort for your mom!! You are all blessed to have each other!

sharon g said...

Oh, how did you make the clouds (they look like white tissue paper, but how did you actually make them)? I'm going to recommend my friend in the Seattle area have this sort of party...

Martha said...

oh my goodness! i love the cloudy and rainy decorations! what an original party theme!

Deirdre said...

So, so fun. What a great idea to have a backdrop for photos. Genius.