Thursday, February 14, 2008

Seven (Weird) Things That I Love

I was tagged by Andrea at Quirky Bags

Seven Weird Things That I Love:

  1. Pickles & sunflower seeds on alfalfa sprouts
  2. True Stories The movie by Talking Heads (It's pretty weird.)
  3. I love to peel dried Elmers glue from my hands
  4. Britney Spears Music (She's kind of weird too.)
  5. Plain Salads with no dressing. (People tell me that's weird.)
  6. All the weird things I find on Etsy, I seriously want so many of those weird items!
  7. Sitting in Hot cars (It feels so good!)
I will pass the love for weirdness on to: Created by Emily


earmark said...

you are so weird - just kidding!!! I love your blog, it is really inviting!!

Andrea Q said...

The food in #1 is definitely a "weird" combination! I like #2, too!

Thanks for playing! BTW, great invitation in your next post :)